Convert Case

You can convert text into UPPER CASE, Lower Case, Sentence Case, Title Case, Capitalized Case and aLtErNaTiNg cAsE


[BEST] Convert Case

1. Sentence Case

It means capitalizing the first word of the sentence. The sentence case converter will turn any line into sentence case.

Example of Sentence Case:-

This website convert text into lower case, upper case, title case and capitalized case etc.

-First letters of both line is capital called Sentence Case

2. Lower Case

Sometimes abbreviated as LC, Lower Case means small letters. If put upper case letters into a box and press lower case button, then it turns all upper case letters into lower case.

Example of Lower Case:-


The UPPER CASE converter will change all the text that you paste into box and Press the UPPER CASE button. It will transform all the text into UPPER CASE form.

Example of UPPER CASE:-

4. Capitalized Case / Title Case

The Capitalized Case button convert starting letter into the upper case of each word and the remaining letters change into lower case.

Example of Capitalized Case / Title Case:-

5.Alternating Case

The Alternating Case converter button making the words alternate between the capital case and lowercase.

Example of aLtErNaTiNg cAsE:-